Looking over the Hellmouth, two Guardians that had spent countless hours side by side in battle steadied themselves for what lay ahead. The acolites guarding the entrance to the darkness were easily enough dispatched, and the three knights just beyond were taken out without too much sweat, but they both had an uneasy feeling about the unearthly sounds coming from the seemingly endless stairs ahead. At the bottom, there was a bit of a battle, but nothing the two hadn't faced before. And now more stairs. They descended to the bottom to find a large room and... doors. Locked doors. "Ghost, see what you can do about this." As ghost set to work analyzing the lock a scream burst forth from across the room. "Aw crap. Here we go again". The fireteam of two started slowly moving backwards towards the cover of the room entrance, guns trained on the empty space they knew would soon not be so empty. Screams, growls, snorts and weapon fire. The two rolled there eyes at the once again over dramatic hive scene and they began returning fire as they had done a thousand times before. Uh oh, wizards and heavily shielded ones at that. Now more acolites and knights joined in. This was NOT what they expected. Just attempting to peak around the corner drew so much fire it was nearly impossible to get a shot off without shields falling to dangerously low levels. Impatience got the best of one of them and standing in the entrance completely exposed his Thunderlord roared to life. One, two, three, four down! This is amazing! Just as he was getting the upper hand he fell. Ghost set to work rebuilding the cells and gluing them together. They were back where they stared. Worry began to creep into their minds as ammo supplies dwindled and still no real progress to speak of. Now a new noise from the stairs behind them. TRAPPED! The Guardians crouched back to back wondering how they they were going to get out of this one. Guns trained on the new noise ready to fire the last of the ammo... "WAIT! LOOK!" It was a Guardian! The new fireteam member joined them just outside the hive infested room. This new Hunter stared down at the Warlock and Titan that were both dirty, tired and dejected. She had that damn typical subtle "Im just a little better then you" Hunter look on her face. Ug, Hunters and that ego. While casually holstering her hand cannon, and with that damn Hunter attitude... "Uh, you guys might wanna move back a little.". With that she reached over her head to ready the heavy weapon she had slung on her back. What the hell is that? Its was a huge rocket launcher. Bright, shining and with the most detailed they they had ever seen on a weapon. Could the rumors be true? She gracefully handled the recoil from the massive rocket as it left the gun. It smashed into the first wizard and melted it and there was a second explosion that took out a knight and 3 acolites. HOLY SHIT it is! Gjallarhorn! She reloaded and fired again. 7 more enemies exploded into dust. She fired again, and again, and again. Audio shockwaves filled the room and hurt the 2 Guardians ears. They watched in awe as this Hunter with attitude (and rightfully so) single handedly turned a bad situation into a room that was completely silent other then the blips and bleeps from Ghost still working on those damn doors. The hive lock finally gave way to the Ghosts superior technology and the doors lurched open a bit, then slowly slid apart scraping and creeping. They invited the savior Hunter into their com channel and the three rushed on heading for the rumored abomination waiting for them far, far, far down in the pit of blackness. Although they had no idea what was to be born of this encounter, this was the beginning of an [EPIC] team.